LP Gas Line Pipe Sizing

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    I need help properly sizing my LP gas pipe for a new house I am building. I have a second stage regulator capable of delivering 980,000btu with a 3/4 npt out then 30 feet to a furnace using 76,000 btu then 5 feet to a tankless hot water heater 200,000 btu then 7 feet to a gas dryer 22,000 btu then 25 feet to a 5 burner gas cook top using 54,000 btu all burners on, then 25 feet to a LP fireplace using 34,000 btu. I will be using black iron pipe, because of the low material cost and proven reliability over years of usage. Gas piping will be in the attic and drops to each appliance will be approximately 8 feet to the shut off valve. (10 foot ceilings plus ceiling joist) I assume that these drops can be 1/2 pipe. If large drops are needed please advise on that also. All local codes allow this type of work by a home owner, as long as it is tested by a propane company after it is completed.

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