Made tracks in newly refinished hardwood floor

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Sep 19, 2016
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Hello all,

We just had our hardware floors sanded and coated. They look marvelous.

We were putting all of the furniture and such back, and we thought we were being very careful. That was, of course, until we moved a very heavy cabinet back by sliding it on a blanket.

Now we have a couple of 'tracks' where we pushed it. Not gashes or anything, but noticeable streaks (esp. when the light hits it). And, of course, I can no longer see anything else.

The floor coating was cured for about five days before we did this. I spoke to the gent who did the floors and he said he will need to come back and 'screen and recoat'. He said the tracks were caused by the blanket heating up while being dragged/moved.

Picture attached. The 'track' is right in the middle of the pick.

This is fine, but I am wondering if there is something else that can be done. Can it be buffed in any way? Anything I can rub on it to remove the streaks?

If I can provide any other details, please let me know.



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Feb 5, 2013
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Erie, PA
I had bubbles in some of my poly finish when I did my floors and I tried a bunch of things but nothing worked except sanding them out and refinish or live with them. I found out later from my nephew that heat will remove things just the way your friction heat caused them.

You could try a hair dryer. I would test it in the closet or something first. It is just an idea and if your guy is coming back maybe you just want to wait.

I worried about mine the same way at first. It is like getting the first stone chip in a new car. Now we use our floors like floors and don’t worry about them and they look great.

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