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    There are a number of reasons homeowners choose to begin a remodeling project. Often it is to make the home more comfortable for them, and sometimes it is to make it more appealing to potential buyers when the homeowner is preparing to see. No matter the reason, there are always a lot of things to consider when beginning a remodeling project.

    Remodeling for you

    When remodeling for yourself, it is pretty much anything goes so long as the home is up to code. If you want neon orange walls and polka dot carpet, no one will stop you. Just make sure that the people you hire to do the work are well qualified so that the project is done right. Remodeling in order to sell is a different story.

    Remodeling to sell

    If you’re remodeling to get ready to sell your home, it is especially important to make sure the home is in compliance with all of the building codes. Potential buyers are likely to have an inspector look at the house for things that aren’t up to code. The buyer will then either ask that those things be fixed, or ask for a credit to have those things fixed later on. That means more money out of your pocket. So to avoid that, you’ll want to hire a builder that knows the codes. If your home is within city limits then before any work can be done you will need to obtain a building permit. If your home is older, chances are there will be some electrical and plumbing work that will need to be done to meet code. This will likely require bring in an electrician and plumber respectively to do these jobs. It may cost a little more up front, but can save a lot of hassle and money in the long run.

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