Mobile Home Door And Wall Leak.

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    Good afternoon, first off I'd like to note that I have zero experience in home repair so please bear with me.

    My wife and I recently moved into a Mobile Home (our first place of our own). A few days ago I noticed what seemed to be water dripping down my drywall, however it was already dry. The edge of the ceiling is a bit soft as well. There is also a slight discoloration of the siding outside. During my research I learned that it could be the siding isn't caulked properly, but I haven't been able to check yet(I have to borrow a ladder). From what I understand I need to caulk the siding around the edges if that is indeed the problem. I also read that I might have to seal the edge of the roof where the shingle ends with TopSeal.

    This morning I woke up and noticed the entry door that we don't use is leaking. I provided a picture, and the leak is coming from between the wood moulding and the ceiling. When we were checking the door out I felt the roof and noticed the shingles just lift right off of the edge of the roof. Is that supposed to happen? So far I've learned this is a common problem in mobile homes, but I've seen a few different things to fix it, but I'm not sure which is cheapest and most effective.

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