Mobile House Repair Talk Application - iPhone, iPad and Android

Help Support House Repair Talk:



iPhone / iPad

Step 1: Download and Install the HouseRepairTalk iPhone/iPad Application one of three ways.

1. Go to in the Safari web browser and you will get a popup screen asking you if you want to go to the HouseRepairTalk download page.
2. Search for "House Repair Talk" in the App Store on your device.
3. Go to the iTunes page for the application (App Store - House Repair Talk Mobile Application)


Step 1: Open the Andorid Market on your Android device and search for either HouseRepairTalk or House Repair Talk, either one will return the right result. Alternatively you can go here:

Step 2: Select HouseRepairTalk Mobile Forum from the list of returned results, it should be the first result to appear.

Step 3: Select the install button at the top of the screen.

Step 4: Select "OK" to accept the permissions and download the app.

Step 5: Once the app has finished downloading you will get a confirmation in your devices status bar.

Step 6: Go into your app drawer and select the HouseRepairTalk app.