Moving oil furnace from basement to mech room

Discussion in 'HVAC' started by krm944, Jan 18, 2009.

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    Good Afternoon everyone-

    I am hoping to find some advice and thoughts on moving my oil furnace from the basement to a mechanical room located on the back of the house.

    The house in question was built in about 1860...nope not a typo, and has a hand dug basement with dirt floor and stone/cement mixed foundation. During very very heavy rains or rapid snow melts, we do experience water that sometimes threatens the furnace. Moving the furnace to a different location that is high and dry and is my goal.

    The furnace sits exactly in the middle of the home, with rooms in front and behind it. Is there a limit to the length of duct one can run?

    For new installs in existing homes, how is ducting installed? Does a flexible duct exist? Part of my duct re-fitment would require re-routing through a crawl space.

    Thanks in advance.


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