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Jul 30, 2009
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Hello people,

i hope this finds you well.

Okay i have a question for those of you that have had a varied experience of problems with Decks.

Kamloops, Canada, BC

The new deck we are putting up is replacing one that has seen better days and is out of code anyway. It is 12'long* 8'wide *5'off the ground , the ledger board has a 12' span and is stitched to the house wall with brick anchors through the board.

The old frame (joists) is 8*2 and new code says it should be 10*2..this being the only problem really with the old deck.

My problem is this. Since the old deck has been up, about 10 years, different things have happened under and around it. The odd pipe has been threaded under it, along with wiring etc. About 3 years ago the downstairs bathroom was rejuvenated and a vent put up to the outside wall. It appeared under the deck and required the contractors to 'cut out' a part of the ledger board to accommodate this. Like a 6*6 square.

So....i take off the old 8*2 ledger board..and..cant place a new 10*2 on because of all this 'under-the-deck activity' blocking the only space i have. The new board will be a cut out puzzle by the time i put it back on.

So..either i drill hangers on the wall...or take the whole deck away from the house a little. Either way, i need sound advice and some code reference please. What are the spacings for the metal joist hangers? Can i just support the whole deck, say 1 meter away, from the house with a narrow ledger just under the doorway leading onto the deck...or what?

I will add to this posting later...with some photos of the wall and existing board.

cheers all



Jan 9, 2010
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All decks should be supported by post underneath the frame. At the house AND at the end.
Almost all the codes I know of are requiring it anyways. You can go to my web site www.thedeckbarn.com Go to the hwo-to section there is a whole thing on it from the american wood council. Other wise you can go to www.deckfailures.com and hope you are not soon to be featured there.
With the new floor joist system, tgi and floor trusses there is no way to verify the size framing memer the builder of the house used as a bond to connect the floor josit. Many builders have been caught using 1/2 osb as a bond to connect the floor joist of a house and it simply will not support anything.
steve scholl

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