New siding over old question about nailing schedule

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Jul 10, 2011
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I am finally finishing the residing of the back side of my house. It originally had cedar lap siding and then they applied cedar shake shingles over that. I removed all the shingles and am going to put beveled cedar 1x8 siding over the original siding (I already did this on other parts of the house, redoing all the 5/4 trim too) and there's also 3/4" plywood on a newer addition. I am applying with stainless 7d ring shank nails using a coil gun and the final look will have a 6" reveal.
So my question is about nailing, do I need to worry about hitting studs? I already have the Tyvek stapled over the old siding and remembered, shoot, I didn't mark where the studs are. I could cut some of it away to find the studs and then mark it all (220 sf) but now wondering if it really matters since the original siding is totally secure. I also wanted to double check that where I put the nails 1" from the top edge and 3/4" from the bottom on the exposed board is correct.
So 3 questions:
Nail to studs?
Nailing schedule for each board?
Thanks in advance for your time.

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