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Mr. Mom

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Jan 1, 2020
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Windham, NH
I have a 37 year old house. It is sided in cedar shingles and cedar clapboards, rough side out. The house was stained with Olympic solid oil based stain when new and re-stained with the same product about fifteen years ago. The color is beechwood. It is in need of a fresh coat.

The Olympic solid oil stain has been very satisfactory; good longevity, never peeled or cracked, it was easy to apply - just put the second application on over the first with little prep work. However, this stain is no longer available. I have read the reviews on many of currently available water based stains and they are terrible. I have only used one water based stain - on an edge grain fir deck; it did not soak in well, and peeled off in large areas. I'm not sold on water based stains.

The choice of oil based solid stains seems to be quite limited. What products would be recommended to replace the Olympic oil stain that I have used in the past? Benjamin Moore has an alkyd-based semi-solid stain available. Is this compatible with the existing stain and is semi-solid "dark" enough to cover well on the existing solid stain? (I would be using the same color or as close to it as I can get.)


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Jul 26, 2009
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Nashville, TN
Go to a PPG(Porter), Sherwin-Williams or what you have local as a dedicated paint store, tell them your situation and have them reccomend a product. The materials you get at the big box stores are not the same quality that you receive from the MFG outlets. Just my 2 cents.

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