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    We bought our house on an old mango farm (Costa Rica). The farm has an old rancho, cottage and clubhouse that shares electricity as does the pump from the well that supplies all the new properties with water. Our house is new and we have our own meter. Our new electricity was run underground, but the old electricity still exists above ground and the neighbor who bought the 'clubhouse' property (at the end :() uses the old electrical but needs to get his own.

    There is an "island" in the middle that has a power pole and breaker and the meter for this borders the third persons property and the line runs through (above ground) their property... after the 'island' nothing effects us or the other and the 'clubhouse' owner can run his lines however he chooses. He is very cheap and is fighting to use a longer way, along the road where many of our trees and the other neighbors trees would need cutting.

    Question?? Since there is an island, where we can (and do) have power poles with above ground transformers. Is it possible to run the power underground (properly) from the meter then up at the island (about 50 meters) and straight up to the transformer and then above ground to property?

    What are your thoughts on this approach?


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