Old wall wiring with no ground wire-Can I add a ground to the metal box?-Also Outlets are upside down

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Feb 5, 2013
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Erie, PA
I didn't know what I do. I went into the kitchen and found that my normal is thumb on top and index underneath or thumb to the left and index to the right. I've never been shocked by a plug so it's a non issue.
Well that’s good people shouldn’t get shocked plugging things in and out.

My point is more we take 120VAC way to lightly in normal daily life and people have odd ideas about it. For instance she likes to unplug our toaster and coffee maker after each use and for sure if we are leaving the house. I always ask why not the TV and the clock and the lamps etc. she always says yes I know it is not rational but it is what her mother and grandmother taught her. I tell her you are more likely to get shocked or wear the outlet out that would cause arcing and a fire with all the plug and unplugging.

It is so common place to plug things in we don’t even think we are really pretty close to possible deadly current depending on our ground condition on the other end.

People run extension cords around outside in wet conditions and plug power tools into them when doing projects all the time. I have been doing it for over 50 years and I have been bit a couple times. Now there are GFCI cords and they really work until people get sick of nuisance trips and grab an old cord.

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