Older Magic Chef oven won't stay stay fully lit after being ignited

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Feb 18, 2010
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OK.. after going back and looking at the entire thread.. *I* think you just have a failed thermocouple on your oven. When the oven calls for heat, the igniter activates and heats up to whatever temp it's going to get to.. after that temp is reached, the gas valve opens and allows the burner to ignite .. and thusly heat up the igniter .. (which is also a thermocouple) .. to tell the oven that the burner is .. BURNING. If that thermocouple (Igniter) fails (or the wiring to it fails) or the INPUT (as opposed to the OUTPUT) back to the gas valve isn't right, then the flow to the burner shuts back off and the igniter goes off with it. Then.. depending on exactly how it works, .. after a time.. it MIGHT restart the procedure based on the setting on the oven temp - allowing you to get SOME heat in the oven.. but not much.

SO... if you've already replaced the igniter, I'd go with the gas valve next (however, I'm more like you.. NOT an "expert", just 'pretty knowledgeable about all things in the universe (yeah, RIGHT :) ) . Before hand, you should, of course, inspect the wire connection between the igniter and gas valve.. but you've probably already seen that pretty well. The igniter would normally come with a wire set preattached.. and that would plug into the gas valve .. or into the control board (if it has one). Assuming that wire looks good, your next step would be the gas valve... or the control board. Valve being probably MUCH easier to find than a replacement BOARD.. if it has such. Last step would be the control board.. My experience on this is more on a gas HEATER, since I haven't owned a gas oven in over 40 years - but that's the way my house and shop gas heaters work THEY both have control boards, but your oven might be simpler depending on just HOW OLD it is. The picture you posted indicates the the burner and igniter are working "properly" (for the most part). The only thing that's missing is the part that keeps the burner ON until the oven temp setting tells it to turn off.

Step at a time..
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Nov 24, 2021
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1. amazed at the prices they are charging for a new oven that doesn't seem as well made as the older ones.

2. I would rather try to find the parts needed (or have the original ones repaired) to fix the existing oven which I've always kept nice and clean.
1. Supply & demand, even tho poorer quality.

2. Good strategy, cut your losses by not buying a computer-designed appliance designed to break one day after the warranty expires.

When persons designed appliances they put in safety factors, but computers do not suffer from a lack of confidence.