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    When I think of materials needed for a job, O.C. always makes something for the list. From foam board insulating panels to the roofing, this company has some of the best products around. Good warranty relations and customer service that is as good as any I have dealt with. When I have a problem with the products, I am always confident that O.C. will make it right. Check out their web-site and see what's going on now. They usually have a new product to make resident home owners confident enough to try improving their own home, for example, they have a line of insulation batts that are wrapped in a breathable plastic that keeps the itchy contained without sacrificing R value. Their foam board is covered in a reinforcing plastic with nylon webbing to reduce wind damage while construction is in progress.


    For you contractors out there, O.C. has a fantastic high volume customer program. The company I used to build houses for had a deal with them that made every 10th home a model home. O.C. required us to use every available product on these homes, but then after inspection, they picked up the tab on their products for that home. Incredible!

    Quality, Affordability, Service, Selection, Warranty, Programs,,what else could you ask for?

    Tom in KY, Hey, they MAKE me like Pink!

    Check out the new room finishing system!!!

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