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Oct 9, 2006
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hi - i decided to be brave and fix some rather large holes (4in x 1 ft) in my plaster walls - mainly in corners and above doors.
i took down circa 1972 wood paneling (yuck) and discovered 3 layers of painted wallpaper along with signatures of 7 different people who had put up and stripped wallpaper - the earliest was 1889. i just don't have the heart to put drywall over the walls, so i removed all the loose plaster and mixed up some new plaster patch, sprayed the wooden lathe and smooshed it in. i am done the 1st coat. unfortunately, i just read somewhere, that you need to wait a month or two to let plaster dry before you paint it or you could cause a moisture problem behind your walls. i CAN'T wait that long.
does anyone have any knowledge on this?
I thought maybe i could put some fiberglass mesh tape in the areas i have already done and mix up some joint compound for a final coat, so i can get to the painting faster , but i don't want any problems in the long run.
any info or thought would be highly appreciated!


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Sep 30, 2006
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Is the author of that propaganda still alive and did he ever outlive a plaster job?
While plaster dries by chemical reaction, if you add more lime you can "heat" it up. The down side to which, is it becomes brittle and more pron to cracking.
Keep the temp. stable in the room and a week will be more than sufficient, if your plastering the whole room:).

Bud Cline

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Apr 13, 2006
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Move the air. A fan directly on the new work isn't the thing to do but moving the room-air will speed things along. Put a fan anywhere in the room and turn it on and leave it for a couple of days.:D

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