plastering over sheetrock?

Discussion in 'Walls and Ceilings' started by paguy, Aug 11, 2008.

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    We are redoing our kitchen. We removed paneling that covered the bottom half of the room. It has always been paneling there because underneath is unfinished sheetrock. We want to paint and here is what i need to know.

    1. What kinding of bonding primer will I need to put on the sheetrock to make the plaster bond to the bare sheetrock? What kind of plaster should i use? I'm probably going to have to plaster over the painted area too to blend it in.

    2. There is construction adhesive on the sheetrock. I am going to grind it down some to take of places where the adhesive is thick. Will the bonding agents work over that old adhesive?

    I hope I've given enough info.

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