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Mar 2, 2010
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Considering purchasing a house with enclosed portico entryway / foyer. It's a Tudor (wood frame and stucco), nearly 90 years old. The portico has a high sloping pediment roof. The footprint of the portico might be approximately 6' x 5'. Over time (decades) the portico entryway has settled a bit, away from the front of the house. Perhaps it is not part of the original structure. It seems to not constructed on the original foundation or slab, but rather sitting on the soil. So the portico entry structure leans forward, away from the house a bit - just eyeballing it, it may be 3 or 4 degrees. It is *just* visually perceptable, though one can feel the foyer floor slope a bit when standing inside the portico (i.e., the foyer of the house). The front door, when opened, will accelerate and close solidly on it's own (I guess the hinges are well oiled).

What, if anything, could be done to remedy the situation? Sellers are downplaying the issue, but suggested friction piles if we are intent on doing something.

Is this something that detail-oriented purchasers would address, or is it more reasonable to chalk it up to the character of an old home?

Caveat: some or all of the above approximated details may be wildly off.


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Sep 24, 2009
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90 yrs = a good possibility its sitting on laid-up underground stone piers,,, what's the house's foundation made of ?

4' levels're great tools for determining flatness but so are marbles :D

it is the character of an older home BUT it'll also be YOUR home - YOU decide ?

remember, buyers are liars & sellers are worse !

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