Problems with touch lamp & touch lamp adapters, please help

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May 12, 2016
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Hello everyone,
I'm hoping to get some info on problems I'm having with 2 touch lamps of mine. FYI, I have a physical disability and these lights can make life that much easier. The first lamp in question is a touch lamp while the other is a touch lamp adapter. The one I'm most concerned about is the touch lamp, it was a gift from my brother 30 years ago. It's been working fine all those years, it was very sensitive, barely had to touch it to turn it on. However, I recently started having a problem where it would not turn off. I would touch it 3 times to get it to its brightest setting but then could not turn it off, I'd tap the lamp many times in different areas with no luck. However if I came back later, maybe an hour, the lamp would then turn off properly. Otherwise, I had to unplug it to turn it off. There were other times where I could turn it on but could not get passed its lowest, dimmest setting. Again, if I waited a while I could successfully tap the lamp 3 more times to get the the other settings and turn it off otherwise, I'd have to unplug it. Any idea what the problem could be? Could it be something other than the lamp, perhaps the power from the socket? Just wondering why it's intermittent? Again, it was a gift and I'd hate to replace it with another touch lamp and still have the same problem. How do these lamps work anyway?

The other light I'm talking about has a touch lamp adapter (Westek brand), the type that plugs into a wall socket and of the lamp is plugged into that. It has pretty much the same exact problems as the touch lamp, sometimes it works properly, other times it doesn't and I end up unscrewing the bulb to turn it off. Not too surprised here, I've been using these adapters for years, they usually just totally die after a year or two and I end up buying a new one. Unfortunately, Westek seems to be the only manufacturer of these devices. Strange thing is, it only seems to malfunction at night, after 11 PM. During the day it works fine, I can turn it on and cycle through all its settings and turn it off but every night it's the same old problem. Can someone please explain how these work? And what's going on when they malfunction like that? Sometimes I notice if I touch it with a different part of my hand (back of the hand instead of palm) it will finally turn off. Again, just wondering why it's intermittent? This had me thinking that maybe it's caused by the power coming from the wall socket?

I do have an Amazon Alexa and smart bulbs for it but unfortunately those aren't 100% reliable either, sometimes get "not found" errors. Do you all have any recommendations on better brands of touch lamp and/or touch lamp adapters?

Thanks in advance for any information you all can provide!.

Dan G in CT


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Jun 19, 2020
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Those malfunction times are strange. I would think they would be better at night (less interference).

For the Alexa, can you figure out why you get the "not found" errors? For instance, can you see what Alexa thought you said? (Sometimes, "she" gets it wrong.) For instance, sometimes I'll say, "Alexa, turn OFF outside lights", and she'll turn them ON instead. I believe my wife knows how to look to see what Alexa thought you said.