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Mar 8, 2020
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A big part of my project rehabilitating the 70 y.o. redwood siding on my house is replacing nails that have rusted. In some instances, the new fastener is a decking screw in a countersunk hole. I always use sink the screw head deeper than flush with the surface but generally not deeper than 1/8 inch, so I need to fill shallow, flat bottom (screw head) holes with sloping sides, about 7/16 wide. Products I currently have on hand include Bondo wood filler, Dap Alex Fast Dry, Dap Dynaflex Ultra, and Crawford's spackling paste. I just got the Crawford's and feel good about using it for nail holes but uncomfortable using it for these wide, shallow divots. What do you recommend for filling the holes that will be invisible and long lasting after painting? Also, the Crawford's say the wood should be primed before spackling. Do you think that should apply to what ever product I use?

Also, would it have been better to place this post in the painting or siding forums?