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    I have a bit of a project on my hands, and I would really appreciate any insight anyone has. Here is the scoop:

    I live in an 80 year old top/bottom duplex. Each unit is 3 BR, 2 BA. There was a leak in the main bathroom on the first floor which was a result of water leaking through the cracks in the tile and tub seal upstairs. A handyman I use has tried all of the "minor" fixes he knows and the leak has returned. Long story short conclusion is that the tub needs to be removed/re-bathed. I would like to get this resolved with the least disruption to the tenants as possible. If anyone could help with the following I would definitely appreciate it:

    1. Are the re-bath horror stories true? I have heard very few good things about that process.
    2. If I don't pursue the re-bath route, what is the "downtime" expectation of the bathroom.
    3. What is an appropriate budget for both the rebath, and tub removal options

    Thanks in advance for the help. If anything needs clarification, let me know.


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