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    Are you planning to purchase a new carpet? if yes, then you should read these tips on what to look for when buying a new carpet:

    - Stain protection, soil protection and static resistance are a major consideration when shopping for carpets. Although you may vacuum your carpet probably once a week, and have a professional cleaning done once a year, it is important to have these three qualities in your carpet in order for it to perform to it's maximum best during these interval cleaning.

    - Another factor to consider is the performance characteristics of the carpet, check out the density of the carpet and the twist in the individual yarns, as the more twist in the carpet yarn means more spring. The more spring a carpet has will be responsible for hiding footprints because when you step on the carpet it will go down, but as soon as you take your foot ofthe spot the carpet will spring back up to it's original shape.

    - Choosing high quality padding is another major part of your carpet buying. Although padding will definitely increase the cost of your carpeting they are well worth it as they provide added cushioning which make the carpet feel more comfortable and also make them stronger to be able to withstand heavy foot traffic.

    A word of advice here, when buying a carpet, you should do so from a reputable carpet dealer, as they will most certainly have a wide selection of custom carpets and better quality grade pads and will have qualified installers, who are well versed with the code of standards on how to install a residential carpet.

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