Refrigerator repair!!!

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Paula Hardy

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Jul 29, 2019
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I am looking for some help here!
I had to switch off our Samsung RF4287HARS refrigerator while I was out of town. Recently, the compartments are not cooling well. Perhaps because it was switched off for many weeks, it was running fine before!
I checked the temperature display; it gave a different temp than the actual temp in the refrigerator and freezer. The display showed a freezer temp of -2 for an 80 and a fresh food compartment temperature of 36 for a 77.
Moreover, the refrigerator isn't showing any error code! I tried troubleshooting, but I couldn't find the reason. The two temp sensors' resistance in the top refrigeration compartment matches; the compressor is running fine, and the evaporator pipe isn't frozen. For the time being, I am hoping to repair this myself. What did I miss here? Looking for advice from someone here who has faced related problems! What should be my next step? I am a bit off my zone here; any help would be appreciated.
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Dec 13, 2018
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Vancouver Canada BC
Where exactly are the sensors located? I think typically they are mounted directly to the suction line of the compressor but unless you have two separate evaporators then it’s probably a box sensor or return air sensor.

If the sensors were providing identical resistance readings but were physically two different temperatures then it raises some red flags.

How long was it powered on and running for before gathering this data?

If you can find the sensor then you can dip it in hot water to see if it changes the display reading (or an ice cube).