Refurbishing My Shed's Sagging Doors

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Jul 7, 2011
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My shed was built in 1996. The hinges and the latch mount on 1x3 boards. The hinges have become loose and the doors now sag such that the upper lock doesn't quite reach anymore. The doors are the same composite siding material as the rest of the shed but with 1x3 reinforcements on the outside. Please see the photos below.

Front of shed.
20181024 Shed Doors 01 600 px.jpg

Door weight has stretched the hinge screw holes

20181024 Shed Doors 03 120 px.jpg

Top latch no longer makes contact
20181024 Shed Doors 02 480 px.jpg
I plan to replace the upright door trim pieces with 1x6s that I will rip to 4.5 inches wide. That will give me another inch with which to mount the hinges and latches. Right now the hinges and latch are so close to the boards' edges that they have split the wood.

I plan on using 1-inch coarse drywall screws to mount the hinges and latches. I will put the screws in from the inside going to the wood boards on the outside.​
  1. What is the best way to mount the hinges so the doors close nicely - do I prop the doors up against the opening and then put the hinges on?

  2. Do I put the hinges on the door first or on the jamb?