Removing Glued Astroturf

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Jan 4, 2009
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The house I bought has a very nice ~400sf covered patio with warm LED light circling the upper perimeter and a ceiling fan. I have a beautiful patio sofa set that makes the whole space so inviting.

The problem is, the previous owners glued 4'x4' sections of fake grass with overlapping edges over the entire concrete. It looks like bloody hell. I pulled up a small corner, and the adhesive on the concrete seems pretty strong. Does anyone know what I can do to remove it if I pull up all the turf?

FYI, my plan is to lay down some high(er) quality, more "seamless" turf or outdoor carpet over most of the area, but have some bare concrete out from under the cover for a grill, grow boxes, etc. Will I need to get all of the adhesive off where it will be covered? Also, how can I get it off of the areas that will be bare? Should I just give it up and tole over it? Attached are some pics of the floor, and then how it looks (minus floor) with the lighting and furniture. (The bare ground would be behind the screen on the right side.) IMG_7122[1].JPGIMG_E7217[1].JPGI would love to hear your ideas.

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