Repair stone foundation around oil fill pipe

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Dec 11, 2011
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Have a masonry question here. I purchased an 86 year old house last year. It has very thick (~1.5-2') stone foundation walls with granite block exterior finish.

About 5 months before we purchased the home the former owner had to replace the basement oil tank. Where the new oil fill and vent pipes come through the basement wall, there is now a huge chunk missing in the foundation. The symptoms now are a very cold kitchen floor directly above and a potentially compromised structural issue as it appears to have originally supported part of a window header.

My question is how to go about fixing this? Do I pack mortar or concrete around the pipes and let it cure or try to dry fit new stones around the pipe and mortar in place? Should the oil fill pipe be wrapped with something protective before that?

If anyone can recommend the proper materials for a house this old, I'd be most grateful. Thanks!


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