Repairing damaged plaster behind wallpaper

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    I was attempting to remove wallpaper today in a 1930s home I just bought without wallpaper remover. Most of it came off pretty easily, usually just taking some old paint off underneath with it. However so far one wall has really been a problem and some underlying plaster has come loose with it. There are many layers to this wall: under the top wallpaper appears to be a layer of paint then some older wallpaper and more paint (2 or three layers) and then this plaster which is a whitish color and beneath that some soft wall paneling (not lath) that it was plastered onto.

    The section that has come loose is probably about 24" x 12"...for the rest of the room I am going to go out and try and get some more effective wallpaper removal tools but I do not know what to do with this section. Can I simply remove the damaged plaster (I believe the damaged part is called the "lime") and repair with joint compound over the area?


    Area to the right is damaged (off gray color is the the board behind the the left is painted over, unharmed plaster). You can see the plaster stuck to the wallpaper and the damaged part left on the wall.

    Hole in the center is the board behind the plaster....that area now is much larger...most of what's in the image is not adhering to the board behind the plaster any longer.

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