replacing a window pane in an overhung sliding window! need help

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Apr 21, 2010
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So the top pane is fixed and bottom slides up. the top is the one that broke and i went outside, knifed around the plastic trim and puddy and was able to just pull out the doublepane glass.

The glass was encased in a thin metal frame which fits right in the large overhung frame. You butt it up against the backing which is like 1/2" and then put the trim piece in front and putty it.

HOWEVER...i cant find a replacement glass anywhere..the guys at the shop dont understand what im needing and can only supply the BARE glass cut to the dimensions i need.

Can i use this or do i need one that is encased in the thin metal frame like I pulled out? see below to see how the glass sits in...


Bud Cline

Tile Contractor
Apr 13, 2006
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the guys at the shop dont understand what im needing

What guys at what shop?

Where do find these inept people?
Your window is no different than a lot of windows. The frame is sized for the metal frame and double pane you removed so that's what has to go back in. ANY reputable glass shop will be familiar with your needs. Take them the old frame if they need a "Windows-101" illustration.

Are you sure there was "putty" holding that glazing in place?:)