retaining wall

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Dec 9, 2006
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I have a small, 20 ft retaining wall that is only 2 blocks high with a cap installed over that. It runs along side of my driveway and hold in river rock.

My question whether I should continue the wall around the whole north part of my house. I have curved the wall around a bush and it ends at my foundation. The problem I have is that I was planning on stopping the wall and then using interlocking edgers to complete my edging because the grade of my driveway really flatens out.

If I use the retaining wall blocks it would only be 1 block high for about 20 ft. I didn't know if that would look right or if people really use wall blocks for that long of a run at only 1 high?

So my options are
1) continue with 1 block high retaining wall at take the caps off my current wall (would be too high for a block and cap)
2) stop the wall (like I have) and continue with edgers