Samsung bottom-mount refrigertor not cool

Discussion in 'General Appliance Discussion' started by DoItRight, Sep 28, 2010.

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    My brother has a Samsung refrigerator that's never been used but is out of warranty now. It looks like a RB195ABBP/XAA but in silver color. The light is on in both fridge and freezer compartments, but there's no airflow. It's a Twin Cooling Plus. I called Samsung and they said to get service guys out to check. No support! Wrote to Samsung support, and they say to unplug and plug back the fridge. A genius idea, isn't it!

    The digital control panel on the top door bottom shows 80/80 when I saw it. Put it back to demo mode and then bring it back up to operation mode before leaving it for about 2-3 hours, and the panel still shows 80/80 with the inside compartments warm but lit. Unplugged the frige, so not to damage it and waste electricity. Went back a few days later and try the same thing, but left the fridge on longer. This time the panel shows -2/32, which is the recommended temps., but the fridge is still warm inside both compartments. Went back a few days later to plug in the fridge and try again to no avail. My brother must have gotten a lemon and received no support from Samsung.

    Can anyone shed some light on why my brother's fridge is not cooling? The fridge is pulled out now, so please tell me where to look for what. I read from other websites that among other things there should be airflow inside the compartments, and there's possibly a defrost sensor behind the fridge that needs replacing. I just hope that there's not a mouse in the compressor to remove :eek:


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