Save that snowblower engine oil

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    Now that everyone is putting their snowblowers away for the summer, I thought I would advise people to save the old engine oil if they're changing it now.

    Oil is one place that you have no water nor water vapour to speak of, and you can use that fact to help store certain products, such as latex caulk. In order for latex caulk to dry up, the water in it has to evaporate. If you store an opened tube of latex caulk upside with the cut tip immersed in oil, the water in the caulk won't be able to evaporate, and the latex caulk will stay usable for years that way.

    Another use is for storing moisture cure polyurethane compounds, such as LePage's PL Premium construction adhesive, which is a moisture cure polyurethane adhesive. This product absorbs enough moisture from the air while the adhesive is exposed to the air for it to cure in the nozzle. Simply stick a screw through the hole in the nozzle, and store it upside down so the end of the nozzle is immersed in oil. The PL Premium will cure at the end of the nozzle to a greater or lesser extent, but you'll be able to pull out the hardened adhesive by pulling out the screw. The rest of the adhesive will be immediately usable.

    As long as the tip of the nozzle is even an inch under the oil, that oil will prevent any air or moisture from contacting the caulk or adhesive, and that will keep the product fresh until you need it.

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