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Oct 8, 2020
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San Diego
We worked hard on our magnificent hilltop house for 2 years. Did lots of repairs from deck waterproofing to repairing the rafter tail rot. Put it on the market and got two full cash offers in 7 days. After a 40 day escrow, we were set to close the next day. It was a hot mid-day and the AC stopped working! Classic non-start symptoms. I pulled the cover and the capacitor top was puffed up and slightly rusty. After several calls, I located the last capacitor in the county about 25 miles away. I raced down there, bought the part ($28) and raced back. It took all of 30 minutes to pull and replace. (Yes, I pulled the disconnect and turn off the main) Powered back up ... and BINGO! AC came to life! Made me the hero for wife and real estate broker. Sale closed the next day without a problem ....... except the AC on our other house died the same day! That took a new capacitor ($25 from Amazon in 2 days), new hard fuses ($12 Home Depot), and a new inside thermostat ($27 from Home Depot). Got to be the hero twice in one week.