Serious or minor foundation problems?

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Jun 15, 2009
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I have three gutters in the back of my house. If looking at the house from behind, I have one on the far right, one in the middle near my patio slab, and one on the left. All of them drain (or should drain) into pipes that go under the ground that lead to the street. The one in the middle, and one on the left were no longer draining there, but missing the pipe entirely. The ground looks like it sunk and took the pipe with it, drawing it away from the gutter. I've linked my photobucket pics. The pics are in order of the slope, 1 being highest... I also attached some pictures of cracks in the brick. I couldn't post all the pictures, but the image links can be changed by putting the number of the picture at the end. (right click image and then copy image url) The pics are ordered from 1-9.

It's not too obvious in the pictures, but it looks like there is quite a bit of dirt missing in some areas under the slab, especially the patio slab, and the left side of the house. While it appears to be the work of the gutter drainage, I'm not entirely sure.

Is there anyway for me to replace this dirt, or possibly fill with cement or some other material to prevent any further settling?

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Mar 1, 2006
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Welcome Bregan:
If the gutters will continue to run out on top of the ground, I would consider backfilling with rock to keep it from washing.
The cracks are typical of masonry construction and are of no consequence. Fill them with caulking that matches the mortar.