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    The Eye Level iLevel

    In our last issue of ShortCuts we hinted at the use of the new tool from Skil called the iLevel Cross-Line Level. Well let me tell you, this little 2 ½” cube came in real handy in the remodeling of our fireplace. The iLevel is a Laser Level that has some unique and innovative features. The Skil iLevel has a neat sliding front door that when opened releases the gimbals lock and lets the laser float free to maintain a bright projected cross level line. Closing the door turns off the laser and locks the gimbals. The iLevel is powered by two AA Batteries (included) and the Cube has a threaded socket that fits most tripods. But, the iLevel comes with its own universal clamp that will support the laser from a chair back, ladder or almost anything you can think of. In addition, the Skil iLevel projects up to 60° horizontally and vertically up to 15 feet. There is a red LED Light that tells the user when it is out of level or plumb. Skil gets our ***** rating for this one

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