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Aug 12, 2014
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I am in the planning stages of constructing a bathroom shower with a handheld sprayer and rainfall shower operated valve and I have a couple rookie questions for the rough-in. I would like to use PEX for the inlet and outlet connections on the shower valve. I see there is a few different types of connection types on the valve that I've attached below and I was hoping someone could explain the differences between them and what the appropriate PEX fitting would be to use with each type.

The pictured valves are not the ones I intend to use, but they each illustrate the different type of connections the valve has, either male threaded, female threaded, or PEX. Obviously the PEX version would be the easiest to use with my PEX lines but I would like to have options with the other types as well for use with PEX. Also on the valve with the PEX hot/cold inlets, can PEX still be used on the outlet connection that is not threaded? I also see the terms IPS and NPT being used in the descriptions of these valves and wondered if that corresponded with each of these types of valves. Any links to examples of fittings for each type of application would be helpful, thanks in advance!



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Feb 5, 2013
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Erie, PA
The ones with the PEX fitting you would just connect the PEX to the valve and crimp it. All the others would require a fitting that adapts PEX to the thread size and type. They have just about every adapter you can think of now.

The only advantage to an adapter may be that once the PEX is crimped the tube can still be spun around so you could remove it and replace without cutting the PEX and crimping again. With PEX leave a little extra length in case you need to redo anything.

I have done it both ways as around here when I did my house a lot of things didn't come PEX.

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