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Aug 8, 2006
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Hi gang!

I have a concrete landing and stairway at the back entrance to my home.
Over the past year I've encountered water seeping from the interior foundation.

Today I began to dig around the exterior cement landing only to discover a hole under the slab.
Apparently for what ever reason rain water found a way under the slab.

With further examination I discovered a large space under the slab. I would guess it's about a foot and a half to two feet deep and extends from the outer slab to the foundation wall.

I'm surprised the landing hasn't cracked.

I need your thoughts on how to correct this problem.

My thoughts:

Fill this space with new concrete. Or remove the slab, fill the space with soil
and pour a new slab. I really want to avoid the second if all possible.

Thanks in advance!!


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Jan 13, 2006
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If the landing is built on blocks.. you could remove one block and shovel rock into the space. Tamp it in as you go, make sure it fills all of the space. Then replace the block. Dense grade rock would work.
The water problem may be at the point where it joins to the house foundation, It may help to do some caulking where it joins together.
Have you checked the slope of the landing? If it is draining into the house, tear out and replace is the best option.

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