Solid Foamboard good for small partition office in garage?

Discussion in 'Insulation and Radiant Barriers' started by Hoss, Mar 30, 2010.

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    A couple of questions here about plans for making an 8X15 office partition at the end of my new large unheated, uninsulated attached garage.

    The construction of the partition and ceiliing are going to be easy. I will need to put in electrical baseboard heaters (also not a problem).

    However, the outer 3 walls of the office partition will need some insulation (maybe even my ceiling). The actual partion wall will be a stud wall and I could put regular bats in that. But the outer wall of the garage is the one I would like to just glue foamboard onto the drywall...and maybe the ceiling.

    QUESTION: Do I need a vapor barrier anywhere on either the outer wall or the partition wall. At the moment, I can see that the outer wall has no vapor barrier because it is not a heated living space and not insulated.

    What about the inner partition stud wall with bats? Need vapor barrier anywhere there?

    Thanks for any tips. Please ask if you need more info or a sketch.

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