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    send some businesss cards to interested board members.

    Here is my typical day. I walk into a residence where there may be painters, sparkys, tile guys, floor guys, other cabinetmakers, stone top guys, gc's, trim carpenters, drywallers, plumbers, and,,,,homeowners. I shoot the **** with every one of them, and if you're a tradesman, you know what I mean. I'd be glad to give tem a card so they could log on. Maybe if I get you enough referrals I'll get a gift card!.

    (I spent 400 at home dump today)
    (I spent 900 at toolking monday)
    (I spent 500 at lowes last week)

    these are for new tools, I'm a junkie. These figures don't include materials purchases.

    Come up with a referal program. This could be huge for you (whoever is in charge pm me please, i've actually helped grow some vb type boards) with traffic comes home dump and other sponsors. This could be lucrative. cheers, david.
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    Business cards are great ideas. I will get on that ASAP.

    Referral contest is being planned right now as well.

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