Splicing a King Stud in a Load Bearing Wall.

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Aug 23, 2011
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Carpenter ants have riddled the jack and king studs in a doorway that leads from the kitchen to the small shed mudroom. This is a 1920 wood frame three story house. The jack stud is easily replaced, at least in theory. The ideal repair is to also completely replace the king stud. The king stud is about ten feet from sill to plate. It is behind plaster and lath. The shed blocks outside access. Tearing up the plaster on the interior wall up past the ceiling and some of the ceiling just to get a access is not an option. I cant make the kitchen a mess right now. But I need the doorway repaired within the week. My alternative is to support the doorway header, remove the jack and cut the damaged lower part of the king stud and splice a new section of 2 x 4 from the old undamaged section down to the sill. It would be a but joint. I am guessing that removing the damaged section will leave me about 9 inches of overlap with the top of the jack stud.. Two inches away from the king stud is another full length stud. Otherwise the other king stud for the doorway is 37 inches away.

If I splice a new section, I will be using 2 7/8 inch HeadLok screws to secure the new section and the overlapping old section to the jack stud.

I believe I am improving the structure by replacing the jack stud. Am I improving the structure by cutting out the damaged section of the king stud and splicing in a new section?

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Rob H.