Square buff sander kept tripping

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Jul 30, 2020
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This is my first time that rent from HD, so here is the story: rent a square buff snader from HD yesterday, the actually model is OBS-18DC. The sticker on the sander says it is 8.5AMP, 850 Watt. But it kept tripping my 15A breaker, which is all my outside wall panel connected. So I took out the 50ft 12 gauge extension cord and connected to my washing machine's wall plug, which is on a dedicated 20A breaker. It worked fine last night, until I have to stop working on the deck, for about 1~2 hours, I don't want my neighbors come knocking on my doors, LOL. we had overnight rain last night, so this morning I didn't start the sander until the deck is dry, at around 11am. BUT, now the sander kept tripping, not on my electrical panel's breaker, but the fuse/circuit breaker on the sander. I must have tried several dozen times with no luck. During these times, I also removed the extension cord, plugged it directly into my microwave's dedicated breaker, which is also 20A. And I also turned off my AC, just in case AC draws too much current. I must admin, during all these tries, for two times, the sander worked for 5 minutes each.
Finally I gave up, returned the sander to HD and I will rely on my handheld orbital sander to finished the remaining work, which is about 150sq ft.
Any idea what caused this? Is it because during daytime, since everyone around the neighborhood were using AC, so the whole incoming voltage is low which cause the fuse to trip? My whole house is on a 200A panel, btw. Thank you very much if someone can give me some clue.


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Sep 30, 2006
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Tripping the fusing on the machine is indicative of a weakening or excessive use beyond scheduled maintenance, I hope you received a refund.

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