Staggering Deck Boards

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Jul 7, 2009
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Hi everybody, not sure if I am in the right section, but here it goes. I just built a deck, nothing flashy as I am not super duper handy. 12 x 18, ledger attached to foundation, 4 posts 3 ft deep concreted in at the 10 ft mark. 2x8 joists hung on center every 16 inches with joist hangars. I am at the point where I need to install my decking boards which are 5\4 inch acq cedar decking boards. When I purchased the deck package, they gave me a combination of 10ft and 8ft decking boards. If I lay them all together I get a seam straight down the middle. If I alternate 8 10, then 10 8 I still have a sightly seam because the seam is only 2 ft. I was hoping someone might give me an idea of how to stagger my decking boards.
Could I go 10, 8
4, 4, 10
8, 10
5, 5, 8

all the way through the deck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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