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    I am just about to start some work on the hall and landing and want to do some work on the stair banister, however l have not seen metal banister like this before and have searched the web and not been able to find how these were made.
    There is some movement in the newel which l want to sort out but l am not sure how the bottom of the newel was fixed, it will either been a spike that is nailed in or a thread mechanism. I don't think it will be a thread as in 1860's threads were not common practise. However it is impossible to get into the underneath. I was thinking of chiselling out some wood around the newel and filling with epoxy resin to make the joint stronger. Anyone have any other ideas?

    There is a broken balistrails, it is broken where it fits to the mahogany hand rail, it is a bent pin that hooks into a metal plate that rebates into the handrail (see photo) l am trying to come up with ways to repair this without removing the whole hand rail as it is bound to get damaged if l do.

    any pointers to information or ideas would be appreciated.

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