Stone veneer walll on fireplace

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Jul 13, 2011
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Do any tile/stone mason experts know if this is do able?

I bought about 90 sq feet of manufactured stone from stone selex. I have read instructions and how to's on how to build it on a wall with either metal lath and scratch coat or cement board.

My situation is that i have a fireplace, but it is not embedded into my structurial wall, but away from the wall (studded). Can i install cement board on this wall and still install the stone veneer on it? I measure the studs and some are not 16 inches apart. Not sure on what to do here.

Here are some pictures.




I am not a stone mason expert, but you should have success attaching your cement board to the studs. The wall may not be a bearing wall but looks to have been built properly. I would screw the backer board to the studs, then apply the stone in accordance to the manufacturers specs. My father has a place similar to your situation and that is what they did. Think of it this way, you have studs hold the backer board in place, then the stone is built up and is supported by the backer board but mostly by the mortar. I can not tell what material is on there now, if it is sheetrock I would remove it. It would be fine to leave it and install the backer board over, you could also install the wire mesh to the drywall (if drywall) and build up your scratch coat then apply the veneer.

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Aug 10, 2011
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If the varying stud spacing is a concern, it looks like you have access for adding some additional studs in the wider openings, as needed, to keep things in compliance with the stone manufacturer's instructions.

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