Stuck Balancer Andersen 100 Series

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Oct 20, 2020
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Marin County, CA
I'm trying to help a friend going into surgery get her house comfortable for recovery and she has an Andersen 100 series single hung window that cannot be opened. I've determined that the righthand balancer has come out of place and is jammed in a position which extends high above the top of the lower sash, and riding with the sash as you try to open it, both preventing the window from opening more than an inch or two and blocking the removal clip on that side of the frame. I tried pushing the balancer back down into place or at least low enough to access the removal clip using a flathead screwdriver placed on the top edge of the stuck balancer but it is completely locked in place. I've read the Andersen support articles and watched the YouTube on balancer replacement but unless I can access the clip I can't do much. If it were my house I'd order a new balancer and take a dremel to the extruded aluminum of the balancer and just cut it off and remove the sash and replace the balancer.

So - any ideas short of that on how to get this balancer out of the way to replace it?



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Sep 30, 2006
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My 1st call would be to ANDERSON cust. service, who may agree with your solution.


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Dec 31, 2007
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I work with this type of balance all the time.
Spray a little silicone on the track at the top and down along the right side of the window (let it run down to the bottom of the balance. Try taking a heavy screwdriver, flat on top of the plastic pert of the balance and using a hammer, lightly try to move the balance below the removable clip. It may be a little difficult since it may still be under spring tension.
Or.. can you lift the window at all?
You could, in a pinch, drill a small hole through the nylon end and into the jamb and put a screw to hold the balance, then try and raise the window. You probably won't be able to use a prybar from inside, but maybe remove the screen and try a small prybar from outside. Once it's free of being wedged in place you can see how to remove it.
Although I have seen The balances break the vinyl and then I have no idea, short of replacing the sash.
Good luck!

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