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Discussion in 'Decorating and Design' started by Paula Hardy, Jul 29, 2019.

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    We just shifted to our new home located in the outskirts of Mississauga. It was a long term dream of ours. Finally, we are at home! There are a lot of things that are still to be purchased. Interior decoration ought to be done in most of the rooms. Along with that, essential household items also requires ordering. We are yet to buy mattresses for all the rooms, including the master bedroom. What are my options? We want to buy one that lasts long, and we needn't replace it every 10 years or so. Most of our friends have recommended us to buy memory foam mattress. They are saying that it has high durability, and is good for health too. Maybe we will go ahead with that, but was wondering whether it is certified for the kids as well? I don't want any of them to health problems. One of them is in primary, and the other is in high school. Most of the households are opting fo bed-in-a-box too. Is that the better option? Please help us in making an apt decision. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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