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Feb 22, 2019
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Hi. I already asked this question in another thread with too much detail and explained the entire scenario of what I had but no one responded lol. Here's a simplified version:
Reinstalled my bottom suction style pump into a bone dry pit after cleaning pit debris and pump. Filled pit with water via hose from washer hook up. Pump came on but was air locked! I already had a 1/8" weep hole in the discharge that I made sure was unblocked and pump never air locked before. How can a pump still air lock ? I figured maybe because it was first test after being dry maybe a little air was in there and it might need a few seconds to prime itself and start to pump but after just staring at it and hearing it hum under water for almost a minute I panicked and unplugged it. Pumped water out pit with the the main pump and tried again and it worked! Two questions
1) how can a pump still air lock with a weep in discharge after filling the empty pit because any air bubble on bottom should have been pushed out of the weep hole
2) why would firing the other pump cause it to unlock, because i immediately tried again and it worked?

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