Texture narrow strip above baseboard?

Discussion in 'Painting Forum' started by TomtheElder, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Before laying new vinyl in our bathroom I removed the baseboards because I don't like the look of adding a strip of 1/4-round. The original baseboard (damaged during removal) was 4" but the only baseboard I am seeing at the big home centers is 3-1/4". The walls have 4 or 5 coats of paint so there was a pretty prominent "step" between the exposed wall and the part that had been under the base. Texturing on the wall is very light and does not extend below the top of the old base. I have sanded down the "step" pretty well, but there will still be a 3/4" strip of perfectly smooth wall above the new base plus about 1/2" transition from smooth to textured where my sanding extended above the "step."

    Do you experience folk think the smooth strip above the new baseboard will be very noticeable? If it will be, is there a reasonable way to texture that strip for someone like me who has done lots lots of homeowner painting but never applied texture?

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    I would go up to the 5 1/2 " but if you want to keep the same size just cut the 5 1/2 to 4"
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    I think the 5-1/4" wouldn't look good in such a small room and would be noticeably different from adjoining rooms, but I never thought about cutting it down. That is why guys like me ask for advice. Thanks.

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