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    When we remolded our kitchen it had already been paint over wallpaper. I tried removing some wallpaper and found out why the previous owners just painted over it. The walls hadn't been prepped and it just pulled off sheet rock. So we opted to have the walls textured and repainted. We're happy with the textured kitchen walls and all is well.

    Now the question. My wife says if you texture one large room like our kitchen you should texture the rest of the rooms in the house or at least the adjourning rooms. We're getting close to repaint and some remodel on the living room / dinning room and are trying to decide if we shouldn't texture those walls as well.

    Addition points: I textured a small utility / wash room off our kitchen and it turned out fine. The walls throughout the house are "fair" and to sell the home the previous owner did the entire home in the standard beige with some light texture via a heavy nap roller.

    The living room has the nine ft. ceilings and if we did texture would you consider doing the ceilings as well.

    Thanks in advance for your help

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