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    Well, the foundation repair appeared to go well enough. I'm waiting for the plumber to do the hydrostatic test to make sure nothing happened. As expected I did get a few cracks on the interior. The biggest casualty appears to be the brick fireplace. I think it's cosmetic, but I'll have it inspected to make sure. Especially since one area of it is displaced.

    As for my previous "what should I listen for" question, I would not have understood the language anyway. They didn't mind that I was out there. In fact the crew chief asked me a few times if I wanted to see what they were doing at different stages.

    Not long after they started, another crew came by. They had finished their job not far away and came by to help out. With all hands on deck, the installation of 12 piers to a depth of 6 feet was started at 8:30 and wrapped up, cleaned up, on the truck by noon. Attached are a couple of pictures.

    Oh, and see that chuck out of the step? We're arguing over that. The cracks were already there, but really stable. One of the piers was supposed to go deeper into the porch before they changed it, but I think one of the guys hit it with the jack hammer. Well see what they're willing to do about it.




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