Tile a concrete floor against unfinished wall...and other concerns

Discussion in 'Flooring' started by YonaCarkey, Apr 17, 2019.

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    20190417_110445.jpg 20190417_110729.jpg Hi all,

    My husband and I are installing a raised floor bathroom over a concrete floor in the unfinished portion of our basement. We bought our house with a bathroom of this nature and the previous owners of the house tore up the floor of the shower and there were other issues with the structure basically rendering the bathroom unusable. We completely removed the structure and are re-building it to add to the value of the house. Construction is something neither of us are familiar with so naturally we have questions.

    A few things about this space:
    the basement does not flood
    the drain works fine but the floor is slopped to help with drainage* see picture
    it is humid, but not terribly (the white machine is a dehumidifier)
    there is not good access to "finish" the floor under where the bathroom will be
    a portion of the foundation wall will not be finished

    I really want tile or vinyl to be laid. I have read about concrete staining and I really don't want that.

    The picture shows over a 3inch gap between the concrete and where the raise bathroom floor is...how do you close that barrier?
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    !st of all, all the floor joists should have been WPT lumber.

    Why are you concerned about, ""finish" the floor under where the bathroom will be", it'll be covered and out of sight, or if your concerns is drainage in the event of a leak in the future plumbing, there are prescribed tests required prior to covering the would bring any faults to light, or you can remove the floor joists and finish the total floor in a product of your choice, reframe the floor, rip a 2x to fill the gap under the rim joist, which needs to be full bearing, with weep holes, IN CASE THERE IS A LEAK.

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