Toilet/sewage issues

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May 31, 2007
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Proctorville, Ohio
So.... I have a half bath in my bedroom that isnt used because the commode is too close to the wall and the tank leaks when you sit on it. My son just used the full bath toilet and I could hear what sounded like water running through the sewage line. I went in the bathroom and raised the commode lid. Normally I find the bowl nearly empty but clean water, not the case today. I found toilet paper and waste and what looked like an explosion on the inside of the toilet lid and basically no water.
Explain to me how this happens? The main toilet has had to be plunged twice in the past 6 months, and it definitely hasnt been that long since I looked in the toilet in my room. It's been maybe 6 weeks. I will attempt to look under the house in the morning if my back will let me.


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Jan 8, 2011
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Sounds like two different things going on.
A bad wax ring under the toilet and a plug in the drain line.
Which may be a good thing because the best place to snake the line would be through the flange under the toilet so it would need to be removed anyway to get to it.
A plugged drain can cause a marginal wax ring to leak.


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Jun 5, 2014
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Sounds like my guest bathroom. Toilet jammed in 23" alcove & right up against the wall so there's no leg room. Last time I used it the tank started running & wouldn't stop. Wasn't enough room for me to troubleshoot so I shut the water off.
I'm no expert, but it sounds like there's a clog somewhere downstream still and it caused stuff to back up into the other toilet. Line coming from both the bathrooms probably needs to be augured/snaked out.
Does the toilet move when people sit on it? Could be the toilet isn't sitting tightly on the flange. Tank leaking sounds like broken washers inside the tank under the tank bolts or maybe a crack in the tank. Unless you mean leaking in to the bowl- that could be from a poor seal from the flapper.

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