Troubleshooting Bathroom Painting Problems

Discussion in 'Painting Forum' started by vahomes, Aug 13, 2011.

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    My question is what to do now, given current status. I've done a lot of painting in my life, but am no way an expert.
    Should I wait for all to dry more and try sanding again? Must I use a full primer - essentially start over - over the first coat of semi-gloss (SG)? My challenge is I'm doing this on a visit w/ relatives and must leave in 48 hours - so what are my options. Here's the detail.

    I'm using self-priming Zinsser Permawhite SG mildew resistant paint (tinted pale yellow and freshly mixed for same day) for repainting walls of a bathroom (over 5-6 year old semi-gloss or satin finish taupe gray walls). The walls were not dirty, so I did no real cleaning - just wiping and scraping in a few areas that needed it. I'd prepped the walls w/ some sanded/primed spackle over a few spots of peeling paint, but did not universally sand or rough up the walls (believing the self-priming paint would handle it).
    Using new low-nap edging tool and new foam roller cover, the freshly painted walls seemed to produce lots of bumps and roller lines as I painted (which I tried to correct as I went by rolling over those spots). (I read now in forum that foam rollers do that and I actually generally did use the W fanned out pattern with cross hatching). When doing that, the roller tended to remove some of the new paint, so there were adherence issues. (BTW, I don't know if you're supposed to start on unpainted area and paint into already painted or the other way around - can anyone tell me that?). I coated the walls last night, but it was clear I'd need a second coat - maybe even third - both for color coverage and for thinness and unevenness of some of the paint.
    About 8 hours after initial coating, I tried sanding off some of the bumps in the paint (that weren't previously there on the wall). Of course, I have a gummy mess in those areas, with the paint peeling off in strings. So I scraped in a couple areas with a Hyde painters tool - and there's no stopping place. Sorry to make this so long, but I'm not sure what info is essential for getting answers.
    Help?!!! I'm just trying to do a favor and it's turned out to be a disaster.

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